Butoh Performance

The dance-performance UNENDLOS deals with the cycle of the eternal coming into existence and decay, and the conditions and causes for the continuity of this process.

Guided by the internationally known dancer and choreographer Sabine Seume, 12 dancers from all over Germany searched at the TUT-Hannover in their own and collective memory of their bodies, to feel for the 12 Elements of the wheel of creation, from the Buddhist philosophy.

Each of the 12 Pictures from the cycle of creation is not the single cause, but a condition besides others, for the next picture to be created. In the same way, as each event and perception in our live determines the future events.

Any event is condition and impulse for following events; the experienced history will come up ever again in certain situations, and interact again with the always changing world around us.

The authentic body, determined by it's personal biography, communicates with the present environment, with the atmosphere, meets other bodies and is confronted with other bodies. Tender, violent, ecstatic  movements, replies and leftovers are developing. Neither dancers nor spectators are left untouched by the deep view into the depths of the souls.

UNENDLOS was created by the creative cooperation of Sabine Seume, who is working for several years now as a soloist and choreographer, after long-standing dance experience in Carlotta Ikeda's ensemble Ariadone, and a group of dancers, each having different and long-term practice in Butoh-Dance.